hd 320 MS-8, hd 310 WS-8 and hd 510 WS-8

Thanks to an innovative sealing system in the devices
hd 310 WS-8 and hd 510 WS-8, they only require
60 Watt (hd 310 WS-8) and 90 Watt (hd 510 WS-8) re- spectively. Both devices thus use no more energy than a conventional light bulb. When not in use, the devices' power supply switches off completely after approx. 30 minutes. They require less than 2 minutes to heat up. The impulse sealing de- vice hd 320 MS-8 is only heated for the duration of the sealing process. The new sealing devices hd 310/510 WS-8 require little maintenance thanks to a sealing system devoid of Teflon band and filament. A regular change of wearing parts is not necessary. In addition, the expenditure of material is re- duced since the pouches are apportioned directly from the roll and are thus exactly aligned with the size of the instrument.

hd 680 DE / DE-V / DEI-V and hm 780 DC / DC-V

During development, value was placed on a minimum use of material, reduced abrasion and low energy use: hawo GreenTek™. Due to a novel sealing system and a stand-by function, which turns the motor off when not in use, all GENERATION EASY rotary sealers spend less energy than before.